The Power of Art

11/16/2019 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CST

This unique workshop will foster an experience of self discovery, a listening to one's inner voice, and potential healing. Artist and Wellness Consultant, Pat Duncan, combines her art and psychological expertise, with her life changing experience of losing a daughter. She has a strong desire to empower participants to claim and use the energy embedded in fear, anxiety and grief. She truly believes that Adler's belief that "inside of each is a creative force that is identical with the Life Force." This workshop is about the use of that "creative force".

Through the use of color, contrast, and form, participants will experience their own life story as a source of potential joy and peace. Through these "tools of art", and combined with the "creative force" our human spirit is expressed. And, our longing for wholeness and peace are freed.
By the time the participants leave this experience they will be able to:
---claim feelings and their "creative force".
---use color, contrast, and form to capture their life experience in a unique artistic way.
---conclude what happened to their inner peace and sense of wholeness during the art proces

Pat Duncan
$0 – $125
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