Early Recollections - Understanding Human Nature

8/23/2019 - 9:00am to 12:15pm CDT

The earliest events that a person can remember in their life. This content is valuable because it reveals person's current concerns and perhaps some of the content of their fictional goals as these are projected on to material reconstructed from the past. In other words, early recollections do not provide actual accounts of individuals' earlier life experiences as much as they reflect ongoing concerns and challenges (Oberst & Stewart. 2003).  This workshop focuses on systemic understanding of human nature: awareness as to how early recollections and lifestyle influence current movement, behavior and relationships. Through the explorations of Early Recollections, the participants

a) will gain understanding on the interrelationship between lifestyle(including all life tasks) and the work task;

b) understand how they are related or affect one another;

c) understand how resulting mistaken beliefs may become problematic in personal, social, and professional contexts.

Dr. Paivi Lee received her PhD in Clinical Somatic Psychology and her MA in Adlerian Psychotherapy and Counseling. She is an LPCC approved Supervisor and a faculty member at the Adler Graduate School. She has a practice in Somatic Therapy and Adlerian Counseling.

Paivi Lee, PhD., LPCC
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