Ecopyschology, A Three Part Series

8/16/2019 - 9:00am CDT to 10/11/2019 - 4:30pm CDT

This series of workshops offer an understanding of ecopsychology and the various ways nature can act as a conduit for healing for individuals, couples, families and groups.

According to science, nature reduces fear, anxiety and stress and we are going to experience this for ourselves throughout this series. Through appreciation and reciprocity with nature (giving something back), we develop our own wellness and understand better what we need to do to protect our natural world for the future (ecoresilience). Just by being outdoors, therapists also receive the therapeutic benefits of nature to prevent burnout. Participants will practice several therapy techniques in the group. We will begin to uncover the effects of global warming, species extinction, environmental catastrophies and factory farming on our psyche (ecogrief). We will also cover research, ethical considerations of taking clients outdoors and several types of nature-related therapy such as animal-assisted therapy and forest bathing.

Participants will obtain a Certificate in Ecopsychology from Adler Graduate School by attending all three sessions. However, all sessions are also designed to stand alone should participants not be able to attend all three. Each workshop is six classroom hours or a total of eighteen for the Certificate. Participants should be dressed appropriately to go outside including footwear and rain gear if necessary. We will meet at a nearby park during one of the workshops and use the grounds at Adler Graduate School. Bring your own lunch.

Michelle Doerr, MS
$0 – $300
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