The Dance of Relationship: Non-verbal Skills For Enhancing Client Attunement

6/14/2019 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CDT

Throughout life we are in relationship: caregiver-child, family member, intimate partner and even therapist/client (to name a few). Safe, supportive relationships are important and can have long-term impact on growth, wellbeing, and life satisfaction. Research has also found that the capacity to relate empathetically and attune to others occurs primarily through our non-verbal- body and movement patterns. 

How can movement awareness be used to enhance our understanding of attunement? How can we work with our own embodied experiences and what we observe to guide our clinical interventions? How do we increase awareness of non-verbal cultural differences that might impact our clinical understanding of what is being communicated? 

This workshop will explore basic attunement skills and techniques that can be used with a wide range and types of relationships. Participants will be introduced to basic movement practices that can enhance attunement and attachment patterns with clients. They will learn how to work with proprioceptive self-awareness clinically. Finally, how to adapt attunement techniques to selected populations and settings. This workshop is appropriate for all abilities and skills. Understanding how to promote healthy non-verbal attunement interactions, is an important skill that enhances clinical efficacy.

Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb, MA, MFA, LMFT, BCDMT, SEP, CMA, WoS
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