Reuniting Spirituality and Psychology

5/17/2019 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CDT

This workshop will help those counseling and ministering, as well as individuals who are seriously pursuing, seeking, and wanting to expand and unite Spirituality and Psychology to live more fully.

It is grounded in current Neuro-History studies, the concept of "spiritual DNA", and Adlerian Psychology - one of the few psychologies that embraces and honors transcendence and soul. It will also challenge the endemic dualistic thought and behavior patterns that contribute to current cultural disunity.

While it is rich in knowing; it is also practical in working with known elements of spiritual practice, and principles of Religious Freedom. Expect input, exercises, interaction, and dialogue, as action will shape the learning experience. John Reardon is eager to lead you through this active learning process.

Participants will be able to:

---select and list 3-4 major useful points from Neuro History and "spiritual DNA" studies.

---state 3-4 Adlerian human beliefs underlying behavior, and state how they unite Spirituality and Psychology.

---write a conclusion on why dualism creates disunity.

---state how the Spiritual Elements will help them personally, and in their work with others.

---state how they would use Principles of Religious Freedom with self and others.

No CEUs are available for Mental Health Professionals (via MFT or NBCC) for this workshop.

John Reardon, MA
$100– $125
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