Collaborative Coaching Third Session - The Pool---Deep end---Shallow end"

3/15/2019 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CDT

Collaborative Coaching is a 3 Workshop series leading to a Professional Development Certificate of Participation awarded by the Adler Graduate School and Phoenix Process Consultants. It equips leaders, owners, managers, consultants, counselors, teachers, and socially interested individuals to be smart and skillful in stimulating people to grow and develop.

This training is based in Adler's belief that "the urge to grow and develop" is "innate" in all humans. He also believed that growth and development is a "social" process. Finally, he also believed that growth is a matter of having a "purpose and goal", and using "personal energy, courage, striving, action, and movement" to reach the Goal. Adler is the foundation for this training.

With that foundation, the process of Coaching is based in knowing how to align and build collaborative relationship, assess barriers to and assets for growth, interact and intervene to create movement to goal, and set a path for continual learning and growth.

To encourage completion of individual work, and development of collegial cadre for professional support, a 20% discount for registering for the 3

Workshops is offered. Current students are offered 10% discount per course. Workshops are limited to 8-10 participants. Five participants are required for a Workshop to occur.

THIRD WORKSHOP: "The Pool---Deep end---Shallow end"
In this final workshop participants will practice their coaching process with feedback and suggestions. Sometime will be spent on developing a strategy based in knowledge, assessing, intuitions, and instincts. Productive Feedback will be modeled and practiced. Highlighting "how to get started" will be outlined.

John Reardon, MA
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