Dissociative Disorders: Understanding, Recognizing and Resolving Basic Splits

3/1/2019 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CST

We all dissociate. We all have basic splits within - “Part of me wants or feels .... but another part of me wants or feels the opposite!”

The DSM 5 made some changes to the Dissociative Disorders category. The scope of this class will offer the participant to have an understanding of the Dissociative disorders in the DSM 5, and to learn one technique for resolving a basic split.

1. Learn the basics of the DSM 5 Dissociative Disorders
2. Understand dissociation and be able to diagnosis using the DSM 5
3. Learn to identify dissociation in clients through their language and through self reported and observed symptoms
4. Learn to administer the Dissociative Experiences Scale for adults and adolescents
5. Learn a Neuro Linguistic Programming skill for resolving a basic split

Janet Schlegel, MA, LMFT
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