Adaptive Reorientation: An Adlerian Treatment Model

2/9/2019 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CST

In this daylong workshop, the Adaptive Reorientation model of Adlerian-Dreikursian treatment will be presented. Included with be the objectives in counseling, the nature of dis-orientation and the importance of reorientation. Topics will include the lifestyle assessment, including early recollection and their role in reorientation, description of social realities and the challenges of optimal functioning. The role of awareness, psychological muscle and social interest are emphasized in this approach. Attendees will be taken through the phases of treatment and provided strategies for prompting psychological change. Demonstration and practice will be included in the presentation. This workshop is led by Paul Rasmussen, PhD.


  1. Discussion of the different goals of treatment
  2. Overview of basic concepts in Adlerian-Dreikursian Psychology
  3. Presentation of the 12 premises of Adaptive Reorientation Therapy
  4. Instruction in the phases of Adaptive Reorientation Therapy
    1. Adaptive Awareness
    2. Reorientation
    3. Training in Psychological Muscle and Social Interest
Paul Rasmussen, PhD, NĀSAP Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology, SIUE Rudolf Dreikurs Visiting Scholar
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