Caretaking Aging Parents

1/11/2019 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CST

Aging has an impact on elderly family members and challenges those who become their caretakers. Caretakers often have responsibilities that include kids or grandkids, their couple relationship, their job, a household to manage AND aging parents with needs. Just taking care of parents becomes a part time job. Aging parents are struggling with the many changes that they are experiencing and the need for help with: medical issues and appointments, daily care, financial oversight, psychological issues and sometimes a “hardening of the attitudes”.
This presentation will address how aging psychologically and physically impacts both elderly parents and the adult child that becomes their caregiver. Strategies will be presented to help the caretaker address the psychological and physical needs of parents when the parents still want control of their lives, are fearful of changes, have trouble remembering, have trouble keeping track of things and need more help in many areas.

Participants will understand psychological and physical challenges associated with aging. They will learn how to address these challenges while maintaining family relationships and handling their own numerous responsibilities.

Susan Pye Brokaw, LMFT
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