Healing Fictions: Fiction Over Fact Always Has My Vote!

9/8/2018 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CDT

Is our life based on fact or fiction? What is the difference? Based on Hans Vaihinger’s work on fictions, Adler spoke of “fictions” and their role in our lives and in therapy. Are fictions useful or useless? Do they help us live better lives or do they lead us down the road of destruction? Is it possible to live life without fictions? Is it desirable to live our life without fictions? These are issues that will be discussed in this workshop along with some suggestions on how to deal with fictions in the therapy process. To register for the event, click here.


  • Define fictions using Vaihinger’s framework for fictions
  • Recognize the use of fictions in our daily lives
  • Identify ways that fictions are positive or useful
  • Identify ways that fictions are destructive or useless
  • Describe applications to individual and group therapy

This workshop is led by John F. Newbauer, Ed.D., H.S.P.P.. He has presented numerous continuing education presentations, written in select publications and papers, networks in various professional organizations and has been apart of many community organizations. John has worked as a practitionerand faculty member for several years.

*Please note: Alumni, student, guest, & community partner early bird ticket sales are only available up to 1 week prior to event. Also, this workshop will take place in our new location at 10225 Yellow Circle Drive, Minnetonka, MN.

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John F. Newbauer, Ed.D., H.S.P.P.
To Register: 

To register for the event, click here or call (612) 767-7044.