Clinical Supervision: Ethical, Legal, & Practice Issues

8/4/2018 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CDT

This workshop will utilize didactic presentation, handouts, exercises, and videotape vignettes. It will examine clinical supervision from the perspective of various ethical, legal, and practice issues. The focus will be on the supervision of counseling and psychotherapy but supervision of assessment will also be addressed as well as boundaries challenges in the supervisory relationship. To register for the workshop, click here. To use or a workshop package, please contact Ev Haas at 612-767-7044.


  • Distinguish supervision from case consultation, & the legal implications of each
  • Define supervisory “malpractice” & the supervisor’s duties to the client of the supervisee
  • Discuss the initial evaluation of the supervisee and planning for supervision
  • Describe the development of a supervisory contract
  • Discuss supervisory tools and methods and their limitations and strengths
  • Discuss ethical issues in the supervisory relationship
  • Discuss at least three boundary issues in the supervisory relationship
  • Name factors affecting the level of collaboration between supervisor and supervisee
  • Discuss issues/challenges in supervision which is part of a remedial order or part of a rehabilitation plan
  • Discuss ethical & boundaries challenges related to the internet and electronic media, and list at least four areas where policies should be articulated for any practice
  • Discuss cultural issues in supervision, and preparation for practice in multi- cultural settings
  • Discuss typical problems encountered by supervisees and signs of "trouble"
  • Discuss issues in providing supervision in situations where there is danger of harm, such as where the client is suicidal, homicidal, or at risk for harm
  • Discuss issues in harassment or stalking of the supervisee by a client

The workshop will be led by Gary Schoener, M.Eq., Licensed Psychologist & Director of Institute for Consultation & Training, Walk-In Counseling Center, Minneapolis: An expert on professional boundaries & ethical/legal dilemmas. Gary trains & consults internationally on these issues & authored a number of publications on related topics. He has testified in civil and administrative actions in the U.S. and Canada in which supervisory responsibility has been a key issue. He is a former member of the APA Task Force on Sexual Impropriety and its Advisory Committee on the Impaired Psychologist. He provides yearly training on Supervision to the APA accredited psychology internship programs in Minnesota.

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Gary Schoener, M.Eq., LP
To Register: 

To register, click here or call 612-767-7044.