Assessment Cycle

Our Assessment Cycle provides a framework for the assessment of student learning at Adler Graduate School. All our assessment initiatives align with our Vision, Mission, and Goals. This is an essential part of our assessment process. The steps include: 

Step 1: Create a program mission statement that links back to the AGS mission.

Step 2: Map accreditation standards and create measurable learning outcomes. AGS maps our SLOs as Introduced (I), Reinforced (R), or Applied (A) throughout the curriculum.

Step 3: Create Signature Assessments to measure student learning.

Step 4: Rubrics are developed and entered into LiveText for data collection.

Step 5: Academic data is collected in and out of LiveText. Program data is being collected via rubrics, surveys, and qualitatively by each program.

Step 6: Reports from LiveText are created to assist in analysis. Additional data is collected and analyzed through a timline.

Step 7: Data is analyzed and an action plan is developed. 

Step 8: Results are reported to academic teams, Academic Council, AGS School Board, and Stakeholders.