Quality Assurance and Assessment

Mission: Adler Graduate School is committed to improving student success through a comprehensive and systematic approach to programatic and institutional assessment. Our assessment is a collaborative process that includes students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders. Our sustainable system includes measuring student learning to help us focus our efforts on the students, design better systems for teaching, and assist us in making action plans focused on student growth and program improvement.

Quality Assurance: Adler Graduate School is committed to quality educational delivery. Through our Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance planning processes, along with strategic planning suppoprted by the Board of Directors, we continuously review the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide.

Student Outcomes

Adler Graduate School is committed to empowering and developing mental health and human service professionals beyond their graduate studies. Student outcomes reveal how students emerge from their academic experiences and enter into a world of work that is dedicated to service.

Student Learning

Student Learning Outcomes are used to assess student learning and to determine decisions we make regarding curriculum and student experiences. 
  1. Learning and Assessment
  2. Evidence of Student Learning
  3. Student Engagement Opportunities
    • School Counseling Center
    • Art Therapy Experiential Opportunites
    • Inclusion and Diversity
    • New (Developmental) Core Curriculum
    • Student Professional Portfolios
    • Internship Opportunities

Retention and Graduation

A measure of student success is retention and graduation. AGS tracks graduation rates and post-graduate opportunities for students.
  1. Retention Data by Year
  2. Graduation Time: Admission to Degree
  3. What Types of Careers do AGS Student Pursue?
  4. What Our Field Experience Supervisors Have to Say.

Career Outcomes

When students graduate from AGS they enter into service careers or professional work focused on transforming society through social interest in action.
  1. Employment
  2. Service Programs
  3. What AGS Graduates Are Doing.