Sharyl Trail, PsyD

Adjunct Faculty Member

Dr. Trail has been an active participant of ICASSI and NASAP, and was introduced to Adlerian psychology and parent education while working as a case manager in Vermont. She continues to identify as an Adlerian psychologist and has presented papers at NASAP as well as the International Congress of Individual Psychology.


PsyD - Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL
MA - Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL

Clinical Psychologist
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Dr. Trail is a clinical psychologist and Lieutenant in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corp. She is currently working as the Coordinator of Behavioral Health for the Alamo Navajo Health Center, which is part of the Indian Health Service. Clinical interests include: prevention focused mental health services; trauma work; LGBT issues; Native American mental health; and crisis/emergency mental health services.

Areas of Interest: 

Adlerian theory of social interest; LGBT issues and theory of Social Exclusion.