Rosemary White Shield, PhD

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American Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists

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Rosemary White Shield, PhD, is a private consultant nationally and locally for several projects serving American Indian urban and reservation communities across the United States. Her current practice, Strengthening Life: Creating a Culture of Caring of Red Winds Consulting Services, focuses on Native centered and inclusive healing approaches for trauma associated with both current and historical trauma, traumatic grief, suicide prevention, and opiate and other addition issues. Dr. White Shield is a MATEC faculty member at the University of Minnesota and a former professor of Aboriginal Education in Canada. She is also the full time Regional Supervisor for TXT4Life - a Suicide Intervention and Prevention-Crisis Services program at Canvas Health, Minnesota; was the former treatment director of Nokomis Endaad Shki Bimaadzi (Grandmother's House-Road to New Life) Mental Illness/Chemical Dependency (MI/CD) Outpatient Treatment Program in Minneapolis and is an international board certified clinical trauma treatment specialist.

She also holds a position as an evaluation expert (Research Scientist) for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Education Development Center, and is the former president of the Minnesota Evaluation Association.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections is also currently utilizing her culturally meaningful assessment instruments across the state in assessment, case management and training contexts, developed to help reduce the recidivism of Native clients within the system. Her most recent work, Healing Responses to Historical Trauma: Native Women's Perspectives, was published in December of 2015 in American Indian Women of Proud Nations - Essays on History, Language and Education by Peter Lang Publishers, and is distributed internationally. Gifts for the Sacred Circle, a Native traditional parenting curriculum for families affected by FASD, authored by Dr. White Shield, was published by Hazelden in 2012 and is distributed throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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The commitment to providing an excellent educational experience by encouraging creative thought, integrating theory and practice, promoting community involvement, and ensuring high clinical competencies, within a context of sensitive awareness and devotion to multi-versity, for the greater good.