Kristin Kane, MA

Adjunct Faculty Member

Kristin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Art Therapist in private practice at Art of Counseling in St. Paul. Kristin provides art therapy supervision and outreach to the community to increase awareness of the field of art therapy. Kristin’s approach as a therapist is to encourage the process of self-realization through guidance towards self-awareness and self-love. Kristin offers a holistic approach that is collaborative, hopeful and gentle. She provides a supportive environment for self-expression to help return clients to a sense of wellness and health. Kristin believes that through embracing creativity through art making, clients can find relief from emotional pain, gain self-understanding and insight, and heal from trauma. Kristin helps others empower themselves to heal through compassionate presence. Kristin graduated from Adler Graduate School with a dual master’s in Art Therapy and Adlerian Psychotherapy in December of 2013. Kristin is currently a Licensed Marriage and Family therapy (LMFT) and a registered Art Therapist (ATR).

“When I work with you as an art therapist, I strive to help you embrace your creativity and unlock your full potential through engaging your spirit through the act of making imagery from the heart and soul. “

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