Scholarships and Grants

A limited number of scholarships are available to offset some of your costs at Adler. Scholarship awards may be based on financial need, academic performance or both. Application forms are available in Student Services. We also encourage our students to seek scholarships through outside sources - a good place to start is the FastWeb is a free scholarship search service; students provide information about their backgrounds and their academic pursuits, and FastWeb will identify foundations, agencies or other organizations that offer scholarships and match students' profiles.

The Social Interest in Action Scholarship Program

Scholarship Description and Eligibility

  • All students pursuing a Master’s Degree from Adler are eligible to apply.
  • The scholarship provides up to half of the tuition and customary assessed fees each term for up to four (4) terms over the course of a one year period, provided scholarship criteria are met and the student remains eligible.
  • The scholarship does not apply to textbooks or fees such as Didactic Instruction or other fees outside of the usual and customary fees associated with tuition for each term.

Scholarship Obligations

  • Adequate academic progress must be maintained and is defined as completing an average of six (6) credits per semester (unless another credit load is requested and approved), with at least a 3.0 ("B" average) GPA. 
  • Completion of AGS application packet (scholarship application form with Statement of Purpose, description of financial need, and one professional or academic letter of reference specific to the Social Interest in Action Scholarship Program).
  • Plans for participation in student life and the Adler Graduate School's Student Association.
  • Clear plans for field experience/job-related work, during and/or after one's AGS training, that displays social interest (e.g., inner city/first tier suburb work with a vulnerable population). Expectations of activities reflecting social interest extend to all AGS MA tracks - not just clinical tracks.
  • Financial need.

Maintenance of Eligibility

  • The President will monitor ongoing scholarships on a term-by-term basis and work with scholarship students accordingly.  Scholarship recipients are required to submit quarterly reports on meeting scholarship expectations.

Next Award Period: 2016-17 School Year

Outside Sources of Scholarships & Grants

Wayne F. Placek Grants These grants are made possible by a bequest from Wayne Placek, a participant in Dr. Evelyn Hooker's groundbreaking research in the 1950s which showed that homosexuality is not a form of psychopathology.

Psi Chi (National Psychology Honor Society)

Sources of Research Funding (from Social Psychology Network)

Funding & Grants for Graduate Students in Psychology (APA Education Directorate)

Grants from the National Institute of Health offers customized scholarship services

Archibald Bush Foundation provides grants in the human services, health, education and arts and fellowships in the areas of leadership, arts, and medicine. We have had students and faculty receive grants from the Bush Foundation.