Master's Project Chairpersons


Master’s Project Chairs are those faculty members listed below who have specific training and skills in such areas as constructing a literature review, executing an experiential project, and/or editing for APA compliance.  Please see the complete list below for areas of availability and interest.


Any faculty member may serve as Reader.

Note: You may not choose as a final project Chair or Reader a Didactic Instructor with whom you have worked in either Individual or Group Didactic.


MP Chairpersons Availability and Research Interests


Availability for literature review

Availability for experiential project

Self-identified research interests in connection with MP

Craig Balfany



Art Therapy Topics

Richard Close



Spirituality and Religion in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Grief and Loss, Ethics, Depression, Meaning and Purpose, Adlerian Psychology: clinical operationalization

Susan Huber Yes  

Technology in Education, Assessment and Educational Models/Programs, Variables that impact/shape Education(al) effectiveness, Outcome measures and Education, Development in Education, Student Development, Effective Communication in Education

Doug Pelcak



Strength- based school counseling, underserved populations, mental health services in schools, bullying, ADHD

Nicole Randick Yes Yes

Creativity in Counseling, Adolescent Mental Health, Professional Identity, School Counseling, Wellness – Client and Counselor, Advocacy and Social Justice Issues

Louise Ferry Yes Yes Anxiety and depressive disorders in children, adolescents, and adults; psychological testing; parenting; chronic mental illness; grief and loss; PTSD; and family relationships

Amy Foell



School Counseling Topics

Meg Whiston

Yes Yes  
Rachelle Reinisch Yes   Expressive writing, grief and loss, death and dying, death anxiety, immortality ideologies, aging and transition, coping with chronic illness, music as therapy, shame, anxeity and the brain, nutrition and therapy, women's issues


Updated 3/24/17