723 Cultural Psychology and Global Populations

This course will use a cross-cultural perspective in providing an overview of theories of multicultural counseling and identity development. Ways of life and cultural frameworks will be explored so as to facilitate a better understanding of human relations and the human existence. Intra- and inter-cultural trends in diverse, multicultural societies will be explored in the context of several factors (e.g., culture; ethnicity; age; gender; sexual orientation; mental and physical characteristics; education; family values; religious and spiritual values; socioeconomic status; unique characteristics of individuals, couples, families, ethnic groups and larger communities). Students will be encouraged to examine their attitudes, beliefs and understandings about themselves and others. Culture-sensitive community strategies for working with diverse populations and ethnic groups will be discussed. Common biases, such as ethnocentrism and micro-aggressive experiences will be discussed. The interactions between one’s lifestyle and culture will be thoroughly explored through this course.