565 Advanced Career Coaching & Counseling Techniques

This course provides a deeper dive into the mastery of career counseling and coaching. Students learn tools to discover their own niche and how to tailor their services to meet the needs of their targeted audience.  In addition, the class covers the art of developing and managing career coaching services in a variety of settings, including private practice. Students will explore who they want to coach and learn about specialization and the skills to thrive and prosper in the field of career coaching and counseling. Students will also be introduced to ways that career counseling and coaching services can be used to promote social interest.


-Professional identity: finding your niche in the field of career counseling and coaching.

-Advanced techniques for coaching mastery: creating deeper awareness.

-Designing accountability structures and measuring progress for clients.

-Strategies for helping clients deal with changes in the global economy.

-Encore careers – helping mature workers/retirees re-career.

-Designing and managing career services tailored to a targeted audience.

-Creating services that are inclusive to diverse populations.

-Effective group facilitation techniques.

-Surviving and prospering as a career counselor/coach.

-Gearing up for the internship component.