563 Beginning Career Coaching & Counseling Techniques

Based on the Adlerian life task of “work,” students taking this course will learn techniques and tools to help clients create a vision and action plan for maximizing career fulfillment and for living more deliberately. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of how career counseling theories, assessments, and techniques are applied to the process of gaining a clearer personal identity and finding career/life purpose. The class will introduce students to coaching skills and tools. Students will learn the differences between coaching and counseling, how to master the structures, how to design effective relationships with clients, and how to tailor approaches that are effective for each individual. Students will learn the Adlerian “Career Story Interview” approach developed by Mark Savickas. Special attention will be devoted to helping clients overcome barriers to making positive career and life transitions.


-Designing the client/coach relationship.

-An understanding of NCDA competencies for career counseling and ICF competencies for coaches.

-Models and techniques for expanding self-awareness.

-Tailoring career counseling and coaching approaches to work with a variety of clients.

-An introduction to basic coaching techniques and skills; asking compelling questions.

-Helping clients with clarity regarding career/life purpose.

-Helping clients define success.

-Selecting appropriate career assessment instruments and interpreting results.

-An introduction to personal branding.

-Mastering the application of the “Career Story Interview” created by Mark Savickas – an Adlerian approach to career assessment.

-Helping clients who are “stuck” overcome obstacles and barriers.

-Assisting clients with the process of decision-making, goal-setting and taking action.