510 Basic Counseling Skills

This course offers students both knowledge and practice in the skills essential to designing and conducting Adlerian psychotherapy.  The objective is to introduce students to basic contemporary Adlerian clinical techniques in understanding psychopathology, assessing and diagnosing, and treatment planning.  In addition, this course offers students complementary skills to augment the Adlerian method.  For example, students gain clinical practice in structuring therapy, establishing the therapeutic relationship, implementing clinical techniques, and conducting therapy.  Students are challenged to develop their personal approach to the practice of psychotherapy based on the Adlerian method.  This course will require students to integrate diagnostics and treatment planning, intervention, case management and development of a therapeutic thought process. Students will demonstrate relationship development skills for all stages of therapy.  Students will be required to apply these skills to their work with children and adults in a variety of modalities including individual, couples and family therapy.

*Course no longer offered effective fall, 2016.