Alcoholism : An Adlerian Perspective on Intimacy and its Effect on Alcoholics /ACOA’s and their Relationships

The purpose of this project is to explore how alcoholism affects intimacy and the potential for relapse in individuals recovering from alcoholism and adult children of alcoholics. With the relapse rate in the fifty to ninety percent range, this researcher finds the correlation an important subject to research. The difficulty, in relationships, that accompany recovery from alcoholism include coping with changes in the family and in the primary relationship patterns and interactions. Addiction usually heavily distorts these relationships, and the recovering addict must struggle to correct these distortions or risk possible relapse. Coping with these issues, in sobriety, makes intimate relationships a challenge and such changes are important to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes of treatment (Tracy, Kelly, & Moos, 2005). Through exploring intimacy in relationships affected by recovery, the project highlights the issues and challenges that accompany recovery. It will also address how these intimacy issues in relationships can be improved by helping educate the alcoholic, spouse, family, and recovery community.

William F. TenBroek
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