OCD Symptoms and Adlerian Psychology

This research notes the various OCD causes, subtypes, and the treatment options currently offered to OCD sufferers. The leading psychotherapeutic treatment modality was noted to be cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It was found that Alderian treatment for OCD symptom reduction was absent from the current literature. This research suggests Adlerian psychotherapy may be ineffective because it uses an encouragement based model. This noted limitation was due to the fact that some OCD compulsions focus on reassurance seeking. To test this limitation, Adlerian therapy was compared to leading OCD treatment options noted in the research literature as effective treatment options. After review, Adlerian based treatment was suggested as a possible new option for OCD sufferers due to the similarities it had with CBT and the possible benefits it could offer. The writer argues that the leading treatment models are ineffective for some OCD sufferers and the Adlerian approach may be a new useful treatment option for these individuals when effectively administered.

Ryan W. Meyer
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