The Adlerian Resume –Development of a Multiculturally Competent Adlerian Tool for Employment Counseling and Potential Therapeutic Interventions

Racial disparities in unemployment and mental health care are significant in the United States and in Minnesota particularly among Black populations. High incarceration rates among Blacks as well as higher than average rates of African refugees significantly contribute to the disadvantaged status of Black Minnesotans. Historically founded mistrust of Western counseling practices have created resistance among Blacks in utilizing such services. During a two-year internship experience at a metropolitan non-profit agency the author discovered an opportunity to implement Adlerian theory in resume development while serving as an employment and relational counselor for members of the surrounding community. As application of the techniques improved a natural transition between employment concerns and broader life issues became common in employment counseling sessions. Use of Adlerian principles appeared to bridge cultural differences including race, education and socioeconomic status between the counselor and the African American clients being served. Research indicates that an Adlerian framework for employment counseling may provide a more culturally competent, holistic approach that is better able to serve Minnesota’s disadvantaged Black populations. This paper introduces the Adlerian Resume tool designed to address the mental health needs Black Americans as well as those of other racial minorities and those in low socioeconomic circumstances. The author also explains the applicability of the tool for broader therapeutic settings.
Keywords: Adlerian psychology, therapeutic interventions, employment counseling, racial disparities, incarceration, immigration, poverty, African American, Black Americans

Rachael Cavegn
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