Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents raising grandchildren is not an entirely new phenomenon in our society, but it’s become increasingly common. The reasons that grandparents find themselves in a parenting role are many and varied. The dramatic increase in the crack- cocaine epidemic, mental illness, and heightened incarceration rates have led to grandparents being tapped to assume a parental role and take on the duties of a custodial parent for raising a grandchild. This paper addresses the repercussions for the grandparent who has assumed this caregiving role. This paper also explores the many facets of child-rearing by grandparents. Specifics include the grandparent health risks, caregiver stress, school-age child development, and grandparent increased responsibility. Moreover, this paper highlights the importance of imploring the Adlerian tenet of encouragement, coupled with optimism as vital aspects in child rearing, in particular for the grandparent-led families. Finally, this paper seeks to address one of the main tenets of Adlerian psychology: Social Interest and its influence on the grandparent-led families.

Margaret Mary Martinson
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