Personality, Strengths, and Social Style: Ties to Adler’s Tasks of Life

This paper originated from the writer’s personal experiences and frustrations while working at a new job. Without knowing Adlerian psychology or being in graduate school, the writer knew that feelings of belonging were vital to a human existence. While being on a staff of a wide variety of people, it became clear that the management wanted everyone to be included but did not know how. The constant striving for perfection the writer felt combined with not knowing how to belong in a group created unhappiness. Having explored the Myers-Briggs personality inventory in high school and having taken the Strengths Finder at the beginning of the job, the writer started to understand personality and unique strengths.
Another Adlerian concept that the writer knew before learning Adlerian was the concept of life tasks. The writer had always prioritized balance between work and life outside of work. The writer was able to leave work at the job, leave on time, and manage a highly effective schedule. As it turns out, according to Adler, these are the life tasks (work, social, and love). This paper will have the work task as the lens but will also include the other two tasks and how all three are affected by personality, strengths, and social style.

Lindsey Heiserman
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