Encouraging Academic Achievement in NonWhite, so-called “Black” African American Students in the U.S.: While Countering the Effects of the White Racist Supremacist Educational System

This paper contributes to dialogue and streams of awareness that serve to uplift NonWhite, so-called “Black” African American students (NSBAAS) in the U.S. who, through innocence, become unsuspecting subjects of psychological damage due to the effects of the “White” supremacist educational system. Encouragement, promotion, and maintenance of academic self-concept and achievement in affected students are paramount for their emotional well-being throughout their lives. More importantly, special attention must be given to reversing the effects of White supremacy on these students who are trapped in the White supremacist educational system itself. How can NSBAAS resolve the pernicious effects of White supremacy to adequately meet performance standards set by the White supremacy educational system? This paper offers suggestions, recommendations, and interventions for positive change.
Keywords: Self-Esteem, Global Self-Esteem, Earned Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy, Intrinsic Motivation, Extrinsic Motivation

Joy Roselyn Lumbly
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