Management of Inferior Feelings and Addictive Behaviors

This paper will look at how addictive behaviors are related to inferior feelings, lack of belonging and significance, how adolescent use of addiction interferes with the accomplishment of the three life tasks and how addiction affects the perception of self. It will also be an adjunct to a workbook that will help therapists and clients discover mistaken beliefs being served by addictive behaviors. Further, it will help discover personal strengths and develop strategies and goals to positively meet life tasks. The movement of addiction is inward, away from the normal way of achieving belonging, intimacy and self identity through reaching out to others. The purpose would be that the client gains insight into how their addictive behaviors are hindering the fulfillment of the three life tasks of intimacy/love, social/friendship and work, thus hindering the client’s sense of belonging and significance. It will also help the client move toward a life of usefulness, courage, and social interest to successfully meet such tasks.

John Hasper
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