Holistic Group Therapy for Women with Anxiety and Depression

Profound transformation is possible through the group therapy experience because it is a safe space to learn and grow as a human being. Therapy groups offer individuals an opportunity to try out new ways of behaving and interacting with others, while normalizing experiences that people assume are unique to them. Under the skilled direction of the group therapist, the group members are able to give support, offer solutions, or gently confront one another in such a way that they can resolve the difficulties they struggle with by learning alternative behaviors.

The purpose of this therapy group for women with co-morbid anxiety and depression, is to assist the members in challenging irrational beliefs, expressing emotions in a healthy way, building a social network, developing coping skills, and healing their mind, body, and spirit. The therapy group blends elements of Adlerian therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, dialectic behavior therapy, reality therapy, existential therapy, nonviolent communication, mindfulness-based stress reduction, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mind, body, spirit holism. A therapist can choose to follow the twelve-week format of the group therapy manual or pull pieces of the manual to use as stand-alone tools in individual therapy or with groups.

Heather Kerfeld
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