Sexual Addiction and the Female Client

This paper is an attempt to expose the reality of the problem of sexual addiction among women. Though often believed to be only a problem among men, more and more women are courageously coming forward for help with unwanted sexual behaviors. This paper will show the need for increased treatment understandings, and in particular the need for treatments for the sexually addicted female client, which are rooted in empirical research, using standardized testing methods to produce statistically significant outcome data.

This paper will review the history of society’s responses to female sexuality from centuries ago to today. It will describe sexual addiction and treatments currently found in literature via Google Scholar and EBSCO databases, and discuss how females differ in their experiences with sexual addictions compared to men. This paper will focus on treatments at large for sexual addiction, but will narrow in on the female client. As a student of and believer in Adlerian theory, this author will also include critiques along the way that will apply Adlerian concepts to the issues being discussed.

Elizabeth Rinka
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