Fairy Tales, Archetypes, and Self-Awareness

Can fairy tales and archetypal symbols help people become self-aware by observing movement patterns? Observation and analysis is based on the research of fifteen articles related to the topic of fairy tales, art therapy, and Adlerian psychology. Fairy tales will be discussed in terms of their universal applications to most human conditions. Similarities between fairy tales and art therapy will be highlighted. A review of how both art and story have played a role in Adlerian techniques, such as lifestyle analysis and early recollections, will be discussed. Overall, the researched journal articles indicate that narrative therapy and art therapy work well together in helping a client unravel their unconscious motivations. Based on this finding, a study involving 22 participants was conducted using the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel and the art medium of clay. Following the research protocol, a self-report survey was administered to each participant during the process. The research was conducted to observe if this method would be a useful tool in the field of art therapy.
Keywords: fairy tales, art therapy, narrative therapy, Adlerian psychology, clay, polymer clay

Connie Wexler Cohen
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