The Examination of Success Factors in the Academic Achievement of Latino High School Students in the United States

When the current situation of Latino high school students in the U.S. is examined as a whole, a quick and simple conclusion is logically drawn: There is a problem. The problem lies in the fact that the largest and fastest growing minority population in American schools is underachieving academically at a disproportionate rate (Pew Hispanic Research Center, 2011, Padilla & González, 2001). In 2007, only about half of the Latino 12th grade students in this country graduated high school, and at a 24 % lower rate than their white classmates (Amatea & West-Olatunji). In this body of work, the history of this achievement gap in American schools is reviewed, as well as the unique needs and challenges facing Latino students. Success factors in improving their achievement are identified and used to inform possible interventions. The objective is to discover how educators working with Latino students can contribute to the remediation of this dire situation.

Christopher N. Castellano
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