Mass Murder and the Degree of Social Interest: Risk Factors and Clinical Implications from an Adlerian Perspective

The subject of mass murder has drawn a significant amount of attention in the United States over the past 30 years. There have been several theories as to what causes one to become a mass murderer such as enduring an abusive childhood, the result of being bullied in school, medications, and violent video games. Although there are many components that go into a cause, Alfred Adler’s notion of social interest displayed appears to be a constant theme throughout the cases examined. Results have shown that the degree of social interest one has will run in accordance with the level of mental health. Throughout this paper I will introduce concepts involving mass murder from an Adlerian perspective, examine well-known cases of mass murder, and present possible preventative measures available for those involved with this population.

Bridjett M. Sturzenbecher
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