Empathy Based Anti-Bully Program

Bullying is a growing and persistent problem in schools throughout the world. Many children must live with being bullied on a daily basis. The topic of bullying can no longer be ignored. The rate of bully related suicides has been on a steady increase throughout the past few years. Schools must take a firm and active stance against any types of bully behavior. This paper explores all aspects of bullying and steps that can be taken to minimize or eradicate bullying in all public schools. The main points in this paper explore the anti-bully program to be discussed in greater detail during the presentation. The program includes a firm anti-bully policy; contracts; empathy and anti-bully curriculum; individual and group therapy with bullying, empathy and parenting topics. This bully prevention program has many Adlerian Psychology parallels while encouraging growth through social interest.

Stacy Gustafson
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