Exploring Alcoholism: Motivation, Adolescence, and Individual Psychology

This project explores different elements that influence and contribute, as risk or protective factors, to alcoholism. Examined is motivation, choice making, and expected affective change, as well as biological factors determining motivation and choice. Differing opinions are investigated regarding the disease concept of alcoholism. Adolescent alcohol use is examined, as this is a significant problem in the United States, taking place at a crucial developmental period; this stage in life is when alcohol use disorders usually originate. Alcoholism is considered from an Adlerian perspective, that of Individual Psychology, with particular pieces of Adlerian theory applied. Alcoholism is a persistent issue affecting many, with numerous theories describing etiology and treatment. Many opinions (some detrimental) have emerged, resulting in social stigma surrounding alcoholism. This researcher hopes to create a better understanding of alcoholic behavior, and in doing so to support those with alcoholism and concerned others as well; this will aid in the healing process.

Shannon Leigh Dolan
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