Collage Art and Spiritual Healing Modalities to Strengthen Women's Souls

“How does a collage of inspirational images and words merge with spiritual healing modalities to strengthen soul themes in women? This research explores art, yoga and soul. Definition is given to these understudied disciplines. Art/ collage, as a specific healing medium, are reviewed in depth, delving into how we create and view art, and its psychological impact on maker and viewer. The background of brain functions when creating art, practicing yoga and when meditative practices are explored. Collage as is examined for its merit as a means of narrative and illuminating one’s self-awareness. It is viewed in both traditionally quantitative and new qualitative methods. Color meaning and the history of tarot as healing modalities are researched. A focus on Kundalini yoga and an extensive study on the Loving Kindness Meditation highlight the effects on psychological well being. The soul, or authentic self, sheds light on self with regard to gender differences, with a focus on women. Self -affirmation is a powerful term that arose in the research repeatedly, as well as self esteem needs for women and girls. There are major parallels with the theories of Alfred Adler and Carl Jung which are revealed: life tasks, social interest, individuation, archetypes and individual and collective conscious. Finally, two studies that combine these modalities, and have successfully merged art, yoga showed positive impact on soul healing. More research is needed in this arena with importance given to the intuitive/perceptive people in our society: the artist, the dancer, the musician, the writer, and the yogi.

Robin L. Getsug
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