An Integration of Hermeneutic Phenomenology with the Adlerain Concepts of Movement, Birth Order and the Effects on Organizations

This researcher has observed multi-million/billion dollar companies, as well as smaller entities, blunder and exhibit failure, internally as well as externally. In nearly every one of these observations, solutions were sought by Boards of Directors employing MBA standards. In every one of those evaluations, this researcher feels that the most obvious causes were ignored. It is the purpose of this research paper to examine the integration of three different views by which companies can more intuitively, and successfully, observe their operations. These three elements are hermeneutic phenomenology, and the concepts of Adlerian movement and birth order. These concepts are by no means unique, but it is believed that the integration of the three elements can provide a fresh approach to guide companies from a static to a dynamic outcome. In addition, by acknowledging that an organization is much like the human body, possessing “Organicity”, or corporeal elements that must work together as whole, companies can experience a reincarnation to a healthy entity.

Portia A. Heller
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