Intuition as a Healing Tool for Binge Eating

Binge eating is a phenomena that plagues women. This compulsory activity is devastating to the individual who feels powerless to stop. It is debilitating physically with immediate and prolonged physical discomfort, socially painful with prejudices toward overweight people, and shame-provoking because of its secret nature with the paradoxical impotence in being unable to hide the secret. Stopping the binge has been one of the objectives of a branch of psychology focused on eating disorders. The intuitive power that is inherent in all individuals will be researched to determine if developing and accessing this on a conscious level can empower people to stop their binge eating. As this paper hopes to discuss, intuition is a creative process which takes the invisible subtle world of imagination and feelings and makes them visible and usable in the physical world. This paper’s intent is to research what has been done in therapeutic settings using intuitive ways to heal binge eating.
Keywords: Binge Eating, Intuition, Intuitive Eating, Creative Problem-Solving

Naomi Ruth St.Gregory
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