The Impact of Birth Order on Romantic Relationships

Have you ever thought of the impact your birth order position can have on your personality and relationships? Birth order can shape us in ways we did not realize. It can form our personalities and behavior. When it forms our personalities and behaviors it can affect the romantic relationships one may have in their lifetime. When looking at romantic relationships, it may be beneficial to look at birth order because it can pinpoint how each person’s needs in a relationship can differ. It is important to consider what factors can impact a relationship. Knowing about a person’s personality, family history, and birth order position can help strengthen a relationship and prevent conflict. Birth order may impact the way individuals behave and think in romantic relationships. Keeping in mind, a person’s birth order may not be a strong factor, it should be taken into consideration to help develop and maintain a fulfilling romantic relationship (McGuirk & Pettijohn II, 2008).

Lyndsie J Murphy
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