The Use of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in Co-Parenting Interventions

Nearly half of all families in the United States will experience the dissolution of their family as they know it. With this dissolution, there is a myriad of reactions and changes in psychological wellbeing. The level of conflict between parents affects how great or how little the impact of divorce is on the wellbeing of the child. In an attempt to reduce the impact of divorce or separation on the wellbeing of children, the answer has been to suggest, and even court order, parents to receive co-parenting education. This co-parenting education is generally conducted in a classroom setting, with no real opportunity to practice the new tools and techniques being taught. The introduction of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to existing co-parenting education may just be the answer. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy provides parents a hands-on approach to becoming better co-parents.

Lindsay Hildreth
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