Breaking the Cycle of Unconscious Child Rearing Through Improving Parental Self-Talk: Moving from Fear to Love

Unconscious beliefs that were developed in childhood and are identified by the use of negative self-talk are the primary obstacles to mental health improvement for adults. The cycle of learning illustrates that children learn, in part, how to perceive themselves and their world through the messages they receive from adults. When adults use negative, unconscious, fear-based self-talk or when they use positive, conscious, love-based messages, they teach children to do the same. The result can be either mental health or mental dysfunction. This paper reviews the literature on parental self-talk as it influences child development and positive parenting. Transformational techniques of meditation along with Alfred Adler’s theories of social interest, private logic, mistaken beliefs, early recollection and encouragement are explored. The goal of this paper is to explore these theories toward the development and application of a spirituality course for parents, which teaches mindful self-talk.

Katharine Laurine Misik
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