The Use of Early Recollections and Encouragement in the Enhancement of Adolescent Female Self-Esteem

As detrimental behaviors are at a high among adolescent females, it is important to understand the connection between the development of self-esteem and individual identity in order to explore potential options to intervene and decrease detrimental behaviors. The literature review examines the approach addressing low self-esteem through the Adlerian techniques of Early Recollections and Encouragement. This examination discusses how Early Recollections and Encouragement work and the process that must occur for them to be effective. It explains the developmental process of self-esteem and the external impact from peers, family, and media. The paper also describes the developmental process of identity and the influence from parents, culture, and female sexuality. The literature review expounds upon the success and limitations from using these Adlerian techniques in addressing low self-esteem in female adolescents in relation to decreasing harmful behaviors.

Jennifer H. Friesen
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