School-based Family Therapy

School-based Family Therapists are essential for adolescents’ academic achievements, family’s issues affecting the student’s success, and providing psycho-education for the families and educators. Parents and teachers now have a resource to help kids who are hurting emotionally or mentally when a school-based family therapy program is made available. Therapists can help the students with concerns such as depression and diagnosed disorders, along with behaviors due to educational stress, which all can be obstacles to learning. The quality of school-based therapy through the preparation of this program to serve at-risk adolescents and their families, and the steps needed to implement this therapeutic program will be discussed. Alfred Adler’s belief of social interest and Adlerian family therapy will be touched on, as well as how it fits well with a student’s success at school and at home. In addition, the different types of therapies that are used and the methodology of this project including research and a grant proposal, along with the presentation’s outcome will all are discussed.

Darla Parragué
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