Self-Care: How can Psychotherapists Continue to Practice inComplex Trauma therapy without suffering from Professional Burnout?

How are you doing? ... How are you holding up? Self-care is essential to psychotherapists, especially those practitioners who work primarily with clients who are survivors of complex trauma. This paper reports on potential answers to the question: How can psychotherapists continue to practice in Complex Trauma therapy without suffering from professional burnout? This report reviews current literature, and provides a summary of findings gathered from primary qualitative research, conducted by the writer. It identifies and examines many of the most stressful components of working with complex trauma. This paper also reveals many of the self-care practices utilized by psychotherapy professionals. Lastly, this report narrows it down to the top three most helpful self-care practices used by professionals to date. It is the hope of this writer, that the findings reported in this research paper will add to the body of knowledge designed to provide help and assistance for practitioners seeking to live and work in a balanced, healthy way.

Daniel R. Miller
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