How Marriages Are Negatively Affected By Gender Differences in Sexual Need and Desire

This paper reviews literature that discusses and supports how marriages are negatively affected by the different sexual needs and desires of each partner. It discusses research that confirms that there is a difference between husbands and wives. It explores what these differences are and how both the husband and the wife display them in the marriage relationship. Destructive elements such as pornography and extramarital affairs are explored and the damage that these activities can cause. The literature discusses husbands and wives attitudes about sex and intimacy and looks at how these attitudes can determine the level and quality of the connection that partners experience. It examines how unmet expectations can lead to a strain and disconnect that is not easily repaired. Lastly, shortcomings with the current research are identified and what future research should take into account when examining marital discord and sexual dissatisfaction and why the differences in gender should be considered.

This review attempts to prove that if gender differences in sexual need and desire are not addressed and dealt with appropriately between a husband and a wife then the relationship will suffer and divorce can be the inevitable result.

Bretta O. E. Moore
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