Adlerian Theory and Eating Disorders in the LGBT Community

This literature review discusses current and major findings regarding the mental health of individuals who identify as sexual minorities. Research regarding eating disorders in particular within this population will be highlighted as well as correlations and possible causes and the evidence supporting the relationship between identifying LGBT members and having eating disorders. As a whole the review will look at causes of eating disorders within the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LBGT) community through an Adlerian lens. Major conclusions drawn include the effects of gender roles, media, prejudices against the gay community and the mental health of its members. Additionally, the researcher discusses the facts surrounding the increase of eating disorders in gay men due to the possible effects of attracting other men. The review will discuss the research supporting these findings, giving mental health clinicians greater insight into how Adlerian theory explains eating disorders in the LGBT community.

Angela M. Adams (Segner)
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