Self-Advocacy, Autism, & Adlerian Psychology

The purpose of this paper is to explore application of the relationship between Autism Spectrum Disorders, self-advocacy and Adlerian psychotherapy. Adlerian psychology concepts as well as other psychotherapy methods will be discussed. It is critical for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders to advocate for themselves to be successful in communication, relationships, and employment.

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders will better equip a therapist, educator, parent, or caregiver to teach people with autism how to have relationships, communicate clearly, secure employment and access his or her community. Researchers agree that to have strong advocacy skills one must have knowledge of self, knowledge of one’s rights, communication skills, and leadership skills. Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders may struggle in these areas and may result require direct teaching to develop skills necessary to be an effective self-advocate.

Amy M. Reid
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