Causes, Effects, and Effective Treatment Methods of Sexual Addiction with Men and Their Romantic Relationships

Having been somebody who has been affected by my husband’s disclosure of his sexual addiction, I have experienced first-hand the causes and effects of such addiction and have learned that mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and social health are effected when one discloses their sexual addiction. In order to increase health in our society and in the lives of others it is important to become aware and educated about sexual addiction so that there can be a better quality of life for individuals, couples, and the nation.

In this paper, the reader will find the effects, causes, and effective treatment methods of the disclosure of a sexual addiction based upon several scholarly articles that the writer read that were studies that were conducted by professionals evaluating the subject.

As a result of researching this topic, the reader will learn that sexual addiction can have an effect on every aspect of one’s life as well as their partner’s life. The reader will also learn the effective ways to treat one after going through the disclosure of a sexual addiction. The reader will also learn that this is a growing topic and that there is still the need for more research to be completed in order to further provide evidence and support for the effects of sexual addiction. The reader will also learn how to increase overall health in a man, woman, and their relationship after the disclosure of a sexual addiction.

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