Consequences and Punishment: A Fresh Look

The research examines the use of the term and practice of Logical Consequence to determine if what, if any, factual differences exist between it and punishment. An examination using the principles of logic and linguistics was conducted; the analysis revealed that the terms are synonymous logically from a supervaluationism perspective and linguistically from a semantics perspective. The researcher also examined the impacts of using synonymous language by probing into the effects that Attribution theory has on children’s perceptions of control; the deduction that a cycle of learned helplessness is perpetuated by the intrinsic need for control and predictability on both the parts of the practitioner and the child was reached through this exploration. The implications for this research is for dialogue in the Adlerian community for more forthright language to be used when administering interventions that will meet the need of the child for control and predictability which should then lead to more responsible and accountable members of the community.

Albert Norman Brown
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